IMG_20150525_232609 I finally watched the much talked about Fox TV series, Empire after my exams and I must say it is worth the hype. It took me 3 days to complete the entire season 1 and I so can’t wait for season 2 to start airing in the fall.

My favourite Empire character has to be Cookie Lyon! I just love her. Cookie, played by Taraji P Henson, is the outspoken, no-nonsense ex-con ex-wife of Lucious Lyon, founder of Empire Entertainment. She took the fall for their drug-dealing in the past and spent 17 years in jail but now she’s back to take her rightful place at Empire and nobody is going to stop her.

Cookie is such a strong character in the series. It was such a delight watching her and Taraji did a fantastic job at bringing the character to life. I learnt quite a number of things from watching the series but today I’ll be sharing 10 things I learnt from Cookie Lyon. Before we start, here’s my favourite Cookie quote;

The streets ain’t made for everybody.That’s why they made sidewalks.


  1. Always Dress To Impress. 
Jail fashion on fleek!
Jail fashion on fleek!

Even after spending 17 years in prison, Cookie still leaves in style. The very first thing I learnt is that Appearance is very key. Whether she’s just from the prison or she just finished from a board meeting, Cookie never fails to impress in the style department.

2.   Command Attention. 

Look who's here!
Look who’s here!

If Cookie is in the building, Cookie is in the building! Let your presence command attention. 

3.  Family Always Comes First. 

The Lyon family.
The Lyon family.

Nobody dares to tear Cookie’s family apart. Not even boo boo kitty. She would go to any length to keep her family strong. Now that’s something to learn.

4.  Demand Your Respect. 

Is respect too much to ask?
Don’t mess with the cookie.

My favourite scene by far. Lmao. Cookie doesn’t let anyone treat her like crap. Neither should you. You deserve to be respected. Always remember that.

5.  Accept people for who they are. 

Not judging, just saying.
Not judging, just saying.

People are different. That’s what makes life interesting. Learn to accept people for who they are. That’s True love.

6. Let’s Be Honest. 


You can always rely on Cookie to tell it like it is. She never fails to call people out when they mess up. Don’t hesitate to say exactly how you feel. YOLO!

7.  Put People In Their Place. 

Cookie mode.
Cookie mode.

If you get ever get out of line, trust Cookie to put you right back in your place. It’s that simple!

8.  Silence is Golden. 

Say what?
Say what?

A Cookie look is worth a thousand words. You know that one look that passes the message right across. That’s what I’m talking about. We all have it in us.

9. Know Thyself. 

Not in the mood.
Not in the mood.

Yeah Cookie is badass and all but this woman knows her limits. She knows when to make a scene and when to keep it classy. When to be soft and when to be gangsta. It’s important to know who you are.

10.  Always Stay True To Yourself. 


Knowing yourself is important. Also important, is letting people know who you are. Ask Cookie!

So that’s it guys! The 10 things Cookie Lyon taught me. Have you watched Empire? Who’s your favourite character? Sound off in the comments section!

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  1. Generally Taraji P. Henson is bad ass, check her out in that movie she did with Idris Elba (another bad ass). I don forget the name of the movie sha.

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