Happy New Month guys! I haven’t posted since because I’ve been spending my days and nights catching up on Grey’s anatomy. Please don’t judge me lol.  Anyway, I hope June has been fantastic for everyone. I can’t believe we are already halfway through the year. Time really does fly!

I still remember myself at 15 like it was yesterday. It’s like one minute you’re this awkward teenager trying to get through high school and the next you’re halfway through med school already. Life just doesn’t stop. Looking back now, there are so many things I wish I knew back then. It would have made life so much easier. So in the spirit of throwback Thursday, I’m writing this letter to my younger self. And no, I’m not crazy!!

Dear me,

You are going through a complicated phase in your life right now. Trust me, I know all about it. You’re terribly afraid. Afraid of everything. Afraid of making mistakes, afraid of loneliness, afraid of rejection, afraid of the changes in your life right now that you can’t control. It’s all so confusing. I totally get it.

And I’m sorry cause this won’t be the last!  Yeah, you heard me. This won’t be the last time you’ll be afraid or confused. You’re still gonna experience a lot of those moments. It’s called life.

But don’t let your fears keep you from living and enjoying life. Embrace these changes. There’s so much out there for you to explore and learn from but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Often times than not, there’s absolute joy just beneath the uncomfortable.

Learn to love yourself! You see in life, people will come and go, but you are stuck with ‘you’ forever. You are beautiful. I know you may not agree now but you’ll see it soon. Stop wasting your energy berating yourself in front of the mirror because you don’t fit society’s twisted perception of beauty. Inner beauty outlives physical beauty always –never forget that.

Part of loving yourself is accepting your individuality. Never be afraid to be who you are. Don’t let anyone tear you down. It doesn’t even matter what others think or who they want you to be. Be brave enough to live life your way and understand that even though it may be different, it’s okay to be different.

Choose your friends carefully! You want to surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you and not toxic people that easily drain your energy. As life happens, you’ll lose some friends. It’s natural. But you’ll also make new ones-amazingly rare ones. So don’t stress over it.

And just so you know, your high school crush isn’t that great a guy. You’ll meet other people. Well other boys. You’ll feel something stronger than crush. You’ll break hearts and you’ll get your heart broken sometimes. With the pain comes priceless lessons. You’re way stronger than you give yourself credit for. Someday, you’ll find your fairytale one and it will be worth every bit of the ride.

I know writing might seem like an escape route for you now. The only thing you get to control. The only time you’re free to be who ever you want to be. But God has bigger plans. Somewhere in the near future, it would be a medium to inspire those who want to hear your thoughts. It would change lives of people you may never get to meet.

Take each day as it comes. Live life to the fullest. It will never be this way again. And no matter how tough it gets, just hang in there buddy!

Your older self.

If you could go back in time and say just ONE THING to your younger self, what would it be?

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