This is an original piece written by one of my very good friends. Ever since I first read it, I haven’t been able to get over it. It’s so real and honest. I’m sure most of us have been here at some point. Happy reading!

I must admit that I miss you. For once in a very long while, let me ruminate on the memories. I miss you. Every single thing about you. How you make me smile. How you make jokes about almost anything. Missing you is hard and what makes it worse is that you are mad at me. I couldn’t enter your car the other day because it would only bring back memories. I miss sitting next to you and watching you drive. Remember how you always said ‘I’ll kill you o’ especially when I forgot to put on my seatbelt. How I was always quick to recline the seats as soon as I got in and how I never stopped complaining about your car’s cooling system.

I wished you had loved me a bit more. You should have waited for me. You should have at least fought for us. I said the things I said for the sake of honesty, I didn’t mean to push you away. It just became difficult not to share given how close we had become. It wasn’t supposed to come between us. It wasn’t.

I miss being responsible to call. Having to recount my whole day to you. I can’t help but imagine you listening to someone else now. I really miss you. I miss you always calling me fat. I miss those Saturdays when we had breakfast in your car. I miss cooking for you. I dreaded when distance was created. I thirsted for things to go back to the way they were but it didn’t. You didn’t want anything more than friendship anymore. Even a compliment from you became rare. I remember asking myself why you were being difficult. Why were you making it harder to choose you?

I’m sorry I didn’t keep quiet about my dad.
I’m sorry I didn’t keep quiet about the other guy.
I’m sorry I didn’t sense your hurt, I was just being me.
I fell in love with you without even realising…
And this is where it has brought me
I miss you!

PS: If you have any piece you’d love to share here, email me at memoirsbymide@yahoo.com.


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