Last month I shared a beautiful poem titled ‘I will wait’ by spoken word artist, Janette…IKZ and from my blog stats, I could tell that you guys really loved it so I decided to post the sequel. ‘I waited for you’ was Janette’s vow to her husband Matthew at their wedding back in September 2014. It’s pretty long so it’s advisable you watch the video here.

Here are some excerpts that I particularly love;

…For some strange reason you felt like heels click three times. I was a relentless unpredictable storm. I guess those other men were made of hay because I huffed and I puffed and the spirit of your big body howls wouldn’t go down. I hated the way my heart became a defiant teenager and listened to you instead of me.

…Stay close. And just let me inhale your exhale. Even when I punch you with my words, stay close. Even when I cut you with my fears, stay close. Look at my chilling eyes and remember, look at my bleeding knees and remember, I fell for you and it took my thirty three years to let that pain die so that new hope and new life could resurrect.

… I could make a millions promises with a long list of what I could vow, but we are flawed human beings. So today I’m going to let my yes be my yes and my no be my no. I vow that sometimes I will fail you. I vow that sometimes I will fall short. But in failures and shortcomings I won’t tap out, I won’t give up. 

… I vow not to buy into false romanticism, saying things like “you complete me”, because you don’t. In Christ I have already been made complete, the head over all. So I vow not to attribute glory to you that only belongs to God. To you and only you today I commit, 
to you and only you I submit, with an attitude…
The attitude of Christ Jesus.                              

…God loved me enough to give me you, and so I vow to you my last breath.

You can also check out the full transcript of this piece here.

What are your favourite parts of Janette’s vows? Share with us in the comments section!



  1. Do you have the transcripts from the wedding? If so I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a link or email them to me. Thank you in advance!

      1. Hello, is there any way I can get these transcribed wedding vows so I can translate it in sign language? 😊

  2. Janette you just awesome.i feel in love with your own writing before i could realise i wanted to be like you.i had a talent too……you my inspiration when it comes to the world of writing and doing a good job

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