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The dictionary defines a boyfriend as someone with whom you have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with. People have boyfriends for different reasons. Some to meet emotional needs/inadequacies, some for the fun of it and others just because they had to respond to the show of love from the opposite sex. Whether good or bad, we all have our reasons why we want that special someone.

I’ve always dreaded the idea of calling someone boyfriend and the reason is not far fetched. It’s because over here our parents have given us this very immoral perception of the word ‘boyfriend’. But I’ve been thinking, what then do you call the time between when you first meet a guy and when you finally marry?  While some may call it dating, others prefer to use the word courting. Whatever name you decide to call it, that ends with you! He is your boyfriend..at least that’s what the rest of the world  sees him as. So I decided that if I ever had to call someone my boyfriend, it had to be boyfriend redefined!

Here goes my boyfriend redefinition;

1) My boyfriend is first my friend before anything else. I should be able to be myself around him and not be uncomfortable. He should know what I like and don’t like, even the silliest details. He should hear me even without me speaking. He’s someone who would do the craziest things with me and totally enjoy it.

2) My boyfriend is my confidant. He’s someone I can confide in and get reasonable advice from. One of my friends says that she can never be with someone who is not intellectual and I totally agree with her. I should be able to talk to my boyfriend and reason with him on the same level or better still higher.

3) My boyfriend is my gist partner. In as much as he can’t totally relate with everything that a girl goes through, I should be able to fill him in on some key gist. Like something that happened with my girlfriends or at school and all that kind of stuff.

4) My boyfriend is my dream partner. There really isn’t a relationship if we can’t envision a future together. We should be able to picture the beautiful things we want to do with our lives. Every single thing, the holy, the fun and the downright dirty. πŸ˜€

5) My boyfriend is my motivator for lack of a better word to use. He’s someone who makes me want to be a better person. He motivates, encourages, cautions and supports me. We must be in the business of making each other better people.

6) Most importantly, my boyfriend is my praying partner. We have to be on the same page spiritually before there can even be a relationship in the first place. I pray for you and you pray for me, that’s what being in a relationship should be like.

What about you? What is your boyfriend redefinition?

This is a guest post by Mipuruaziba. If you have articles and write up you’d love to share on here, email me at memoirsbymide@yahoo.com



  1. This ‘He’s someone who would do the craziest things with me and totally enjoy it.’ sounds sexual πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am sorry, not a perv, but… Okay byeπŸ™Š

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