15 STORIES OF 2015: #DAY 5


Indeed life comes in seasons. Like a big merry-go-round or better still a roller coaster. The only difference is that for each revolution, there’s an almost equal linear propagation. Seconds to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months…. Nothing is waiting for you. Not even time! You just have to keep moving irrespective of which side of the coaster you’re on.

The real beauty of this year for me was in the wisdom I gained from really tough, scary and quite unexpected experiences and the fun in discovering parts of me I never thought existed. Hmnnn… I’m just happy to be able to look back now and sincere gratitude to God is all I can utter. Ese oooo Jesu!

Lessons in 2015… a letter to me in 2016.

Dear M,
          I know you hate to get in touch with your emotional side because far from what people can see, your heart is like jelly in a pot. Vulnerability describes it. More often than not, you’re scared to get hurt so you act like you’ve got it all under control. When in reality you’re clueless. In all of those moments when you broke down in tears because you couldn’t take it anymore, those were defining moments when you learned life lessons you should never forget. Here’s a summary…

1) Breathe baby, breathe! You deserve more than you give yourself. Save your energy for those who need it. Heaven knows the fire of passion that burns in you especially regarding relationships, leadership and knowledge impartation. At the right time, the world will see what is in you. For now, just breathe as much as you can. Baby steps and little drops will get you there.

2) You are strong. Beyond your imagination, you have the ability to fathom, to manipulate, to resolve and to create. Don’t be afraid to take new steps. Be bold and approach them with all you have because as you always say, FEAR IS AN ILLUSION.

3) “Have patience with all things, but chiefly patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your imperfections but instantly set about remedifying them, everyday begin the task anew “- Francis de Sales.

4) You have all you need to be who you are meant to be. Body shape,  natural dispositions, weaknesses… everything culminates into a whole YOU. And YOU is beautiful. YOU is all you need. You have nothing to regret.

5) Shine your eye! For this world wey you come so, no carry last. Party, read, pray, laugh, dance and crase all the crase wey you one crase! YOLO baby!

Finally, well done. I pray God tells you well done in the end.

With so much love,                  
M (2015)…xoxo.

Mimi Aranye-Okilo.


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