15 STORIES OF 2015: #DAY 6


2015 A.D

Dear Diary,

01-01-2015 A.D, it was the very beginning. He went to the barber’s shop to get a different hair cut. Lo and behold, the barber messed it up. What a bad way to start the year! Young and rugged was he, ready to weather the storm or surf the waves of 2015 A.D as the case may be.

It wasn’t a time to make the cliché new year resolutions. Just sticking to the simple ‘always improve’, ‘be better’, ‘raise your standards’ sufficed! School resumption called, a call that couldn’t be resisted. It was an academic year to make or mar. He nearly marred it.

Days rolled into weeks and weeks into months. 2015 A.D brought him mostly good, no bad and just one downright ugly event. Yet he kept his head above the stormy waters lest he drowned. He kept a clear head identifying what he really needed from what he wanted. A bulk of the first half of the year went into studying for his various tests and high profile examinations as well as worrying about their results. The examinations depending on the outcome could either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block. He gave them his best shot. Alas! He stumbled, yet he never allowed himself fall flat to the ground! Apparently he wasn’t invincible.

Being better comes with overcoming challenges, with making sacrifices, with making the best of the first chance as well as every second chance if ever given! Better comes at a price, giving up what one wants for what he really needs. Being better involves identifying with Christ. If grace is upon you, you can even be best rather than being just better!

2015 A.D was far from perfection nevertheless it wasn’t in any way close to a disappointment.

Leave the past, live in the present, turn a new leaf for the future. Be a better you!

At the end of 2015 A.D here he stands, better, with a good haircut this time, standing strong with eyes looking into 2016 A.D; here he is saying hello from the other side!

Toyosi Adefolalu (@thereal_toyosi)


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