15 STORIES OF 2015: #DAY 10


First of all, I want say a big thank you to Queen Ayomide for this wonderful opportunity to curate my 2015 experiences.

I remember late last year when I was writing down my 2015 plans. I had just one major thing in mind and that was ensuring I performed very well in my professional examinations. My side goals included ensuring an investment of a target sum, giving love a chance, becoming more spiritual, becoming a lot less ‘judgemental’ and taking my fitness seriously.

Spending the past few days ruminating on how I have fared on these goals made me disappointed. The only one of these goals that I can say that I accomplished was passing my Professional examination. I had a Distinction and 4 Credits (I was especially disappointed to find out that I scored 2 69s which meant I could have made 2 extra distinctions if the lecturers were nicer or I had prepared better) which was fair although that wasn’t the goal. I only invested half my target sum, had a crisis of faith and did almost no exercises. I also found out that I could be very ‘strong-headed’.

Despite all these disappointments in myself, it hasn’t been a totally bad year. I turned 25, visited 2 new states in Nigeria (Rivers and FCT; visiting Abuja was the silliest and most impulsive thing I did this year. I basically packed my bags on the spur of the moment and headed to Abuja to do what I wasn’t entirely sure about. On the upside, I have great pictures to show for it) and visited another Country (Cotonou; where I put a live snake around my neck with my heart in my mouth all through the process. Emi badoo!). I definitely won’t forget my most embarrassing moment of the year when I ‘Beyoncé-d’ my way through the Nigerian national anthem at a public event and ended up forgetting the last 2 lines. I literarily wanted the ground to open and swallow me up. I also attended my fair share of Owanbes this year; I mean who can say no to prospects of free rice.

2015 also introduced me to the Clinical aspect of Medicine which I am still struggling to find my balance with and wrap my head around. Although I must say it has made me appreciate life and good health a lot more.

As the Financial Secretary of AMSUL, I and my fellow ‘excos’ were privileged to pull off one of the best health weeks in our association’s history. It wasn’t an easy process, I must confess. Ojuri! But we were able to weather the storms and create something beautiful. I am super proud of us.

Overall, it’s been a good year although not a great one. I am alive, healthy, not depressed and I have hope for the future. I must mention someone at this point. My amazing friend and sister from another mother, MISS YEJIDE JIMILEHIN. Thank you for being my pillar of emotional support; you were there when no one was and you always lent a listening ear to my incessant ramblings. I don’t know if I would have made it through 2015 without you (people don’t understand our friendship and sometimes I myself don’t ☺). 2 important lessons I did learn this year;

1.What isn’t yours isn’t yours; no matter how available it is for you.

2. Never change who you are to satisfy other people; they probably still won’t like you and you definitely won’t like yourself.

I have a lot on my to-do list for 2016 and even though I have failed at some of my plans for 2015, I am going to attack them with vigour and hope that at the end I would have achieved them. What I am particularly laying emphasis on in the coming year is volunteering for causes ( so help me God; so if you know any good cause that needs volunteers please call on me. And if I say no, remind me about what I wrote here). And yes, all my best friends are getting married in 2016, so I’m looking forward to the Owanbes :):):):):):):):)  (what can I say, you have to love turn-ups when you are half ijebu).

Thank you once again for this opportunity Ay 😘


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