15 STORIES OF 2015: #DAY 12



I write this to you from the year 2015, having lived through it, to guide your path and enlighten you lest the looming questions beset thee.

Like most years you have been through, it’s a cornucopia of opportunities. You just didn’t take advantage of them as you should have thus you struggled half the way.

You’d soon learn that not everyone is replaceable in lieu of the common saying that “no one is irreplaceable“. Some are pure gold whilst others are goldplated. You just need to learn to see the difference early enough.

You may think you’d always have these friends around but it’s very easy to lose people. So when you finally find someone worth keeping, make sure you do something about it.

Remember you are never truly alone. Your friends might not be there when you want them to but they’ll be there when you need them to. Everyone has their own problems and you don’t automatically come first. Be considerate.

Family always comes first, no matter how complicated, frustrating and annoying they can be.

Your failures will make you stronger. It will bring you closer to people, show you the ones that care and the ones who are just hitching along for the ride. You can avoid these failures but if and when it happens, do not despair.  For only through a furnace can gold become a finished product.

Someone will walk into your life and suddenly your whole universe would revolve around her. Each time you see her it’d feel like your face is on fire. Articles would be written for her because you don’t just see yourself with anyone else. As usual, you’d do nothing, say nothing and as brisk as it started, it’d be all over. You are a goat. As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

You’d soon learn that most troubles, headaches and dilemmas you go through will be started by you. Most times intentionally. Try to put yourself in less trouble.

You’d also learn patience isn’t just waiting. It is learning to behave while waiting.

In the end, there’ll come a time when all wrong would seem right and there would be nothing left of what is right. This is the true test of your discerning prowess. Wait on the Lord, then maybe you’d do better than I did.

I hope I have been able to change the course of history with this letter and I hope you have a wonderful year in the end.

Yours sincerely,

To be delivered to Orimoloye Philip Oluwafemi on 31st December 2014.

To connect with Philip and read more of his work;
Twitter: @__Nogitsune
Instagram: @femoniica
Website: http://www.wespeakpoetry.wordpress.com


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