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I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. I don’t only think it is bogus but also too much pressure on so many levels. And that’s not because I can’t handle the pressure, I can. Infact I thrive under pressure. I just think New Year resolutions are designed by men to get a much needed clean slate. You see, this is how it works. We humans are always seeking opportunities to start anew. We call it ‘second chances’. You cheat on your wife and say “it’s the devil, can we start again?” You smash the screen of your phone by accident (by the way this was me in 2015) and you’d wish you hadn’t taken it out of the room in the first place. We always desire to go back to the moment just before our last bad decision so we can choose again because we think that we would choose differently. But the reality of life is that you probably won’t!

A wise man once said “time does not change things, people do.” I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t really matter what 2015 was like. It doesn’t matter if like mine it was good or even great. For me, it was the year that I finally started to enjoy MBBS. The year I found ‘The One’ in myself. It was a year with a lot of ‘downs’ but I took it and they made me better for it. My point is, what really matters is whether or not you’re changing for better or worse. Not the calendar year! So if you want to make any resolutions, it shouldn’t just be because we are starting a New Year. It should be solely because it’s a change you are willing and ready to make.

My 2015 was a great year. I loved, I laughed, I cried, I succeeded, I failed. Basically I lived. And truth is, things aren’t going to automatically transform in January 2016 just because it’s a New Year. It’s going to change because I live each new day like it’s a clean slate because in actual sense it is. It’s the second chance we all so desperately desire…

Awofeso Opeyemi.



  1. I totally agree!!!. Infact.. New slates start in our heart….we re in a constant changing process…if new year resolutions..would help u get there, fine! But if..like me,it really doesn’t work Fr u…then take each day for what it is…a clean slate!! HNY guys.

  2. I understand that if you want to make a change, start where you are and just change instead of chilling for a new year to make NYS, but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan and have an aim or something you want to achieve in the new year. It’s basically planning, just like you plan every day, you can plan your week, month and year. Happy New Year in advance, wishing you a productive year ahead…. 🎉🎉

  3. I agree with You Ope but lately I realized that, like Kunmi said.. If you don’t set goals.. Sometimes you might end up just floating through the year. No specific target to hit… Doesnt have to be resolutions sef… Could just be personal goals

  4. First, I love this. And it got me thinking. There were some decisions I had to make and I kept postponing them saying, “I’d start in the new year”, but I realised that was the problem. I was waiting for the new year to give me a clean slate so that I could truly begin again; when every minute came with it the second chance that I was craving.
    This isn’t saying you shouldn’t have plans. You of course have to be aware of the times and seasons as they come and go, and you also have to create goals and time lines to achieve those goals.
    What you don’t want to do is postpone any necessary change you need to make in your life because you are waiting for that ‘significant’ moment. For now you understand: that the second that just passed took with it the new beginning you are desperately waiting for…

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