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Yes o! Indeed we are all human. And that is not a joke. Truth is, you may never understand this until you see that fresh babe that you’ve always admired running to the loo ’cause she has diarrhoea or you catch your teacher queueing up at the canteen for food just like you. Lol! From happy moments to awkward moments to sad ones, we all have our share of each and that really is why we are called Humans!

Today, I came across an article by someone that I’ve always looked at through a very different light. I’ve always thought she was the kind of girl who really didn’t care much about the opinion of people or what they had to say about her. I felt like she had it all together, you know, the typical cool, calm and collected person. And in case you’re thinking I caught her not all up in her game, far from it! She wrote this very inspiring article that was quite personal where she shared some of her struggles and successes and I was like ‘Damn! We are all human.’  I mean what better phrase to describe it. You cry, I cry. You laugh, I laugh. You dream, I dream. You hate, I hate. You love, I love.  You make mistakes. I do too! Where on earth did we get the idea that we’re inferior to others because of their natural dispositions, wealth, knowledge or even skills?

It’s so easy for us to walk about each day like everything is fine. Isn’t that what everybody wants to hear? That you are fine but sometimes, we need to face reality. You really aren’t! And I’m not talking about those petty daily struggles. I mean heart ripping, excruciating experiences that have us up at night crying rivers of tears. Yet we do what we know how to do best, Pretend! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should go about carrying pity faces. In fact I’m of the opinion that as much as possible, let your life be private. That’s why it’s YOUR life. But then, just a candid advice, don’t ever look at people and feel intimidated either because of their accent, their nails, their hair, their cars or whatever! Just like you, they have their own struggles. No one is better than anyone because of what they have or just because you met them on their good day. How many times have you seen people you thought were perfect and when you finally get to know them, you’re like “Errrrm..is this all?”

The only thing that differentiates us from one another is our responses to the bullets life throw at us. It’s our choices that make the difference. Do you want to sit around all day sulking or you’ll choose to be happy in spite of everything? J.K Rowling once said, “it’s our choices that show who we truly are not our abilities.”
I can go on and on but my point is that it’s important to always remember that people are human. This helps us not only in how we react to their actions but also in the kind of thoughts that cross our minds, our opinions and our first impressions. It really goes a long way…

Mipuruaziba Aranye-okilo.


4 thoughts on “WE ARE ALL HUMAN…

  1. Wow! That’s a nice one, it is really true and I sustain all what you have said. We are all humans and we are special in various ways.

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