HEALTH · MEDWED with Mimi.



Hi guys, my name is Mipuruziba Aranye-Okilo but everybody calls me Mimi. I am from Bayelsa state in Nigeria. I currently school at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. I reside at blah blah blah. Lol! So much for an introduction… I think I’ll just get to the point already. This is an opening statement for the new series featuring here every Wednesday titled “MEDWED with Mimi”.

The central theme of the series is health. (I guess by now you’ve figured out how the name came about, smart you!) It is mainly about how we as old, middle aged and even young people can cater for ourselves in such a way that we maximise our living potentials. How we can stay alive up to our expected ages by doing everything within our powers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MEDWED is going to be covering a lot of pertinent health challenges plaguing our world especially in Nigeria and how we can avoid them, gain knowledge and even help those who are ignorant about these issues around us. My experience in medical school is only but midget but when one spends a day in the hospital, it’s almost like a week. I am just about rounding up my first few months of clinic exposure and all I can think of is how so much is lost economically (ranging from paying costly hospital bills to time spent in the hospital to the emotional drain of having a close relative on admission). Talk more of losing a loved one to a preventable illness or something that could have been well taken care of only if detected early. IGNORANCE! It keeps screaming in my face each time I have to watch another woman lose her breast or even her life to cancer. Ignorance nudges at me when another man has to have his foot amputated from Diabetes Mellitus Foot Syndrome.

Ignorance is when a concerned mother takes her sick child to a traditional bone setter only to end up with a gangrenous arm that needs to be chopped off. The list is endless. Like I said earlier, this is only an introduction. This series promises to bring you very useful tips on how to prevent these illnesses and even if you don’t think you need them, someone you know might just need the information.

The comment box is open for all your questions and you can also send me private emails at Please feel free to look up words that you don’t understand in medical dictionaries online howbeit I will be as relatable as possible. I really look forward to interacting and sharing a lot with you . Together we can help you ensure that you live a long and life with the right information at hand. You know what they say, “Knowledge is power“. And of course, God follow join o!( in warri accent).


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