Last December, I attended the Beauty Party organised by Ez of BeautyinLagos that took place at the Scratch and Social Nail Art Bar in Victoria Island. It was an amazing event tbh. Plus I received some beauty goodies courtesy of Zaron Cosmetics, one of which I’ll be reviewing today- the mattifying compact powder.

According to Zaron;

Zaron mattifying powder is specially formulated for the woman of color. It blots out oily shine and easily loosens such that it can have the same effect that loose powder has, giving the matte finishing look every glamorous lady desire.


The powder comes in a sturdy black case complete with a mirror and applicator sponge. They kept it really simple. It’s also lightweight which makes it very easy to carry around.


I’ve used this product everyday for almost a month now and I must say, I’m impressed. I’ve used it with and without foundation and the finish is amazing. Very smooth and natural! Plus it smells good, didn’t feel cakey on my face and most importantly, didn’t clog my pores or cause any breakouts.

However, I don’t agree that this powder is mattifying. I didn’t experience any sort of oil control with this product. While it may have done a good job of not adding to the oil on my face, it didn’t do much for keeping my face matte like the name implies. About 2-3 hours after application, I had to either blot my face or reapply.

Also, the sponge doesn’t do justice to the application. It makes it a tad more work to blend so you might want to use a powder brush instead to achieve maximum coverage.

This powder is also said to contain SPF 30 (ie sun protection factor) but I can’t really verify that.

This product scores a 6.5/10 for me. Do I recommend it? Yes! Especially if you have dry to normal skin type. I think it’s a great product and the fact that it’s from an indigenous makeup brand just blows me away. Big thumbs up to Zaron!

You can purchase the mattifying compact powder from any Zaron store or distributor at the price of N2,950. And the powder is available in 11 different shades; ZZ15, ZZ20, ZZ25, ZZ30, ZZ35, ZZ40, ZZ45, ZZ50, ZZ55, ZZ60, ZZ65.

Have you tried this powder? What was your experience like? What other Zaron products have you used before? Share with us in the comments section?



  1. This product scores an 8 for me,there was so much hype about it from my friends,decided to try it,and I did my usually makeup routine…brows,eyeliner moisturizer, serum,primer,foundation,lipstick and then zaron mattifying powder,and then I went out,under this hot naija sun,I came back like 4 hours later and looked in the mirror,for once I didn’t look like I jez came back from an anointing service in a church,my face was totally shine free…okay I proceeded to take a nap n I woke up like 2 hours later,still had my shiny free look on….i’ld definitely recommend this to my friends, my mom is so gonna love it.Nice product

    1. Hi Damilola. I have an oily face too and like I said, Zaron powder doesn’t add to the shine on your face but it is not oil-control. You should get a primer to help with that. Let me know how it goes.

  2. I have combination skin and like you said i always have to blot my t-zone in the middle of the day and then touch up my nose but that said, in all the powders i have tried (and believe me, i have tried a lot), i think i have come to settle on Zaron. for me i give it an 8. the flawless look it gives is surreal.

  3. Hi its nice bt somehow red on ma face i av the zz10 powder nd kos i was using d matte foundation of zz10. Bt think i av to go for the lighter shade of zz05 and i pray it suit perfectly

    1. Hi Oluchi. It would be best to walk into any Zaron store and get a shade testing done. It’ll be difficult to suggest a shade for you without knowing your exact skin tone. I hope this helps. Thank you for stopping by!

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