Hi. I was thinking about this a while ago and I just figured I’d put it on here to be able to really sample a good number of opinions. Especially from the guys! (Please make sure you vote in the poll at the end of this post.)

So the thing is, you know how as young girls, most of us grew up with this notion that you shouldn’t give in to a guy’s advances too early because it might make you seem ‘cheap’, ‘easy’ or ’loose’. That’s why when a guy walks up to a girl for the very first time and asks for her number, she goes like, “I’m sorry I don’t give out my contact to strangers”, walking away but earnestly hoping she runs into him again. It’s the same reason why you’d ask a girl out after months of ‘friendship’ and she still says, “Let me think about it.” When in reality, it’s all she has thought about since she first saw you. 

I remember being told about how guys love the thrill of a good chase and when you finally say ‘yes’, he’ll value you a lot more in the relationship. The one that even made me buy into the whole idea then was that it could help you avoid the ’playboys’ and their unnecessary evils. Like separating the wheat from the chaff sort of and it seemed like a solid foolproof plan at that time. But now, I’m not so sure.

I’ve seen a good number of ladies lose out on great love prospects just because they were busy ‘playing hard to get.’ On the flip side, I’ve seen ‘good girls’ fall into the hands of terrible men even after subjecting them to several months of ‘wait’. And while I’ve had some of my guy friends tell me how excited and ‘gingered’ they get when they meet a girl who’s ‘playing hard to get’, I’ve also met a few who tap out the split second they sense any form of red light from the girl.

Now the real question is this, ‘Guys, does the length of time it takes a girl to say ‘yes’ to you affect how you see her and the relationship eventually?’

Please I’d really like to hear your opinions, so drop your comments and also don’t forget to vote in the poll.



  1. Defs, “hard-to-get” game for girls is sure a trump card, thing is, know when to soft-pedal and how to read the guy. Some bad guys would wait the wait and lay wait to devour the girl when she finally gives in. For me, it is always a gamer for girls I meet.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Girls have taken Hard to get too far. Play hard to get till he saunters into the Friend zone. “Hard to get” doesn’t mean the bad guys will go away. He’ll just do serial dilution. I.e. While waiting for you, he’s setting P with a couple of other girls. Guys are no longer swegbes.

  3. For me, a woman playing hard to get on a hardcore level is a turn-off. That typically comes across as an inability to focus on what’s in front of her or appreciate what someone has to offer.
    A softer level of playing hard to get is completely acceptable if she remains engaged in the discovery process. I think this one falls heavily under the ‘balance’ category. Extremes, I steer clear of.

  4. Femi your comments are always fascinating.
    Well, to some extent, I enjoy a good game from girls atimes; in this case ‘playing the hard type’. It sharpens my skills. That doesnt mean they should take it to the extreme ‘stupid’ levels.

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