Hi guys! My name is Olumuyiwa Yinka-Balogun. But you can call me Muyii 😀 . I’m from the ‘State of Harmony.’ The main point of this post is to introduce my new series titled ‘Gifts’ which would be featured on here for the next few weeks.

A while ago, I watched a movie ‘The Ultimate Gift’ which I liked a lot but I just forgot about it. Recently, I watched it again and I got really  inspired by it. Short summary; A grandfather left his favourite grandson a bunch of life lessons and termed them “gifts” with an “ultimate gift” as the final goal.

Basically I’m going to share my views on each of the gifts mentioned in the movie and I really do hope you all find it insightful and helpful. To understand these posts a bit more, I’d recommend you watch the movie, it’s not star studded but it does leave a good impression.

Of course the comment section is open for your views, ideas, questions and criticism. And if you feel I can’t handle it publicly, well you could email me olumuyiwa7@gmail.com

I look forward to sharing with you all. Peace out



    1. Looool. Bruh.. Its not an emotional movie. Or well.. Maybe it is sha .. Its mostly inspirational ☺.. And come on.. Hating on my state.. That’s a big far innit?

      1. It is emotional jare. I think the more your beards, the more you get emotional. Oh well. Let’s hope State of Harmony has a lot of gifts to offer.

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