Though we’ve been advised many times not to sleep with makeup on, we are all still guilty of it from time to time. You get home late and the very last thing on your mind is washing your face or maybe you’re just too tired to even bother. Sounds familiar, huh?

This has probably happened to us a lot more than we’d like to admit. So is sleeping with your makeup really that bad? Well yeah. And today we’ll be talking about the real reasons why you should never sleep with a full face of makeup again.

Clogged pores.
Sleep is a restorative process for our skin. It’s a period when it produces a waxy lubricant called sebum which functions to remove dead skin cells and renew the skin. However, wearing makeup to sleep clogs the pores and surface of the skin, preventing this and contributing to dull complexion and ugly breakouts.

Pillow buildup.
The more you snooze with a fully made up face, the more oils, powders and chemicals will build up on your pillow resulting in greasy skin and of course a very dirty pillow. Even if you don’t wear makeup that often, always change your pillow case at least once a month to prevent product buildup on your pillow.

Eye irritation.
Particles from eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner can get into your eyes while you’re asleep causing severe irritation. Even if  you’re too tired to properly wash your face before going to bed most times, help yourself by keeping some makeup remover pads on your nightstand.

Premature aging.
If you want glowing young skin, then sleeping in makeup won’t get you very far. Makeup blocks your pores and prevents your skin from breathing and recovering from the stress it has accumulated during the day leading to the development of fine lines or wrinkles.

Extra work in the morning.
You may not have had enough time to take off your makeup before bed, but leaving it on means you have to spend more time on your morning routine. And that can be tasking especially if you have an early appointment to catch. Take off your makeup at night and save your skin and time in the morning.

So when next you’re tempted to sleep without washing your face, remember these and hopefully it’ll have you running to the bathroom!


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