Dating is hard. But you know what’s harder? Dating Mr. Wrong! They tell you when you are newly single that “there is plenty of fish in the sea”. True. But what they fail to add is that not every fish is fit for consumption. No man is perfect, yes! And it’s important to be ‘accepting’ of other people’s flaws especially if you don’t want to remain single forever. However,

in as much you need to be open-minded, there are certain kinds of guys that should be totally avoided on your dating journey. Check out a list of the 10 types of guys that you should steer clear of.


lazy guy

Video games, couch, food, sleep, repeat. This is the typical daily routine for this guy. He has no ambition or goals. He’s the type who sits around waiting for things to happen to him. And if they don’t? No big deal. He has no skills or future aspirations outside of his living room and is pretty much comfortable that way. This guy will not be willing to put in any work into a serious relationship with you seeing as he isn’t even doing much work in his own life. Also, he lacks the ability to support and motivate you to achieve your dreams. Sooner or later, he’ll become a liability to you.


mamas boy

While it’s good to be with a guy that has a good relationship with his mum because it helps you assess to some extent how he treats women, a guy who isn’t capable of making decisions without consulting his mother is a no-no!  If he always has to ask for his mother’s input in major issues especially ones concerning you and your relationship, that’s a red flag. He definitely has some major growing up to do and isn’t exactly ready for a serious relationship. Well except if you don’t mind dating both mother and son.



This is a guy who is so self-obsessed that there’s no room left in his heart to love another. He’s the type of guy who wears a ton of cologne, cares way too much about how he looks (probably spends more time than you in front of the mirror), talks about himself the whole time and tells pointless jokes just to try to get a laugh. Point is, he’s an attention whore who thrives in the environment of your admiration. Except you’re generally passive in nature and don’t like making waves in your life, a relationship with this guy is likely to be rocky because he won’t encourage anything that may take the spotlight off him.


control freak

Stay away from this one! He’s the guy who always wants to know where you are, what you are doing or who you’ve been talking to, all the time. Soon he’ll be telling you how to dress and what to say. Whether it’s ‘cos of jealousy, chauvinism or just plain insecurity, there really is no excuse for controlling behavior. A healthy relationship can only thrive where there’s mutual love and respect and not where one party is always calling the shots. Besides, it’s important to catch the warning signs of the control freak early enough as they may be indicative of more dangerous tendencies.



A guy who still getting over his ex, is bad news. You will know if a man is on the rebound if he still speaks of his ex in a negative way, compares you to his ex or turns you into a counselor whom he always talks about his ex to. This kind of guy is not in a good place for a relationship. He might just be using you to ease the loneliness and pain he feels from the demise of his previous relationship or, worse, he could be using you for revenge. Sometimes dating a guy like this is fine but more often than not, it ends in heartbreak because his feelings for you are not true. What he really needs is a therapist or some time to deal with his issues not a new lover.



This is an absolute no-no! Dating a married man is never a good idea. And that’s because he is  already taken and supposed to be committed to someone else. So if he vowed to his wife to be faithful and is now turning around to do the opposite with you, what kind of person does that make him? A liar, a cheat, a deceiver etc. Also, there’s the probability that he’ll keep leading you on, telling you that he will eventually leave his wife. But you know what? He won’t! And even if he does, there’s no guarantee that he won’t do the same thing to you? After all, if he can cheat to be with you, he can cheat on you too.



A commitment phobe is that guy that would date you for 10 years with no intention of ever settling down. He would casually take you out on dates, buy you gifts and still won’t have the decency to put a title on it. This guy may have a great job, own a beautiful home and generally have a lot going for him but still isn’t looking forward to committing to anyone. He probably have never  made a commitment to anyone before you and most likely won’t with you or after you. He is the stereotypical bachelor for life. If you’re looking to build a future with this guy, you are going to have to do some major work and that will require some time. So if you decide it’s worth it, you can wait. If not, keep it moving sister!




This guy is almost always an extension of number 7. He was very charming when he asked you out. Maybe even a little too charming. Said all the right things, did all the right things. Seemed like a pro of some sort.  Like he has done it  so many times before hence the smoothness. Chances are, he probably has. That’s the playboy for you. To these type of men, love is a game.And they pride themselves in their ability to win all the time.  It’s never about emotions for them. They want to date you because it equals winning an extra trophy to them. These guys love women. They love to surround themselves with them. They flirt an awful lot, and are usually not concerned with committing to a serious relationship since that would mean letting go of what they love doing. You know what they say, “a real player never compromises the game.”




This guy should never even be an option for you. Abuse of any form, whether physical or verbal  must NEVER be condoned. This guy may start out as loving and charming but as  time goes on. he will break down your confidence and separate you from your friends and family. This guy is extremely possessive, jealous, and controlling and will go to any lengths to prevent you from ending the relationship. That’s why it’s important to not even start one with him in the first place. As a human being and as a girlfriend, you deserve the right to be treated with utmost respect so do not settle for less.


booty caller

This is a guy who isn’t interested in anything other than physical intimacy with you. Take the sex away and he’s out the door faster than you can say jack. All he wants is to sweet-talk his way into your bed, get what he wants and then hit the road. The booty caller would rather compliment your body and looks rather than your mind or personality. If you pay attention close enough, he’s either staring at your chest the whole time instead of paying attention to what you are saying or busy checking out every girl that passes by whenever  you guys are out. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, the booty caller is not your best bet. All he’s going to leave you with is a notch in your bed post and nothing more.

So that’s it! Ladies, what kind of man have you been avoiding lately on the dating scene? Sound off in the comments!


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